As a dancer, fitness has always been important to me. We often assume that dance is enough of a fitness regimen, but the truth is that dance favors certain muscle groups over others, due to repeated movements. A complementary fitness routine maintains balance in the body and makes it easier to execute your dance moves. The gym was my answer to training that balance, but COVID and quarantine shut everything down.

THAT was the inspiration for QFit!

QFit was created out of a desire to stay fit and flexible, despite quarantine restrictions and closures. It has since evolved into a balanced exercise routine of functional movement training that strengthens, tones, and stretches the entire body. Best of all, it can be done in a small confined space with or without equipment. All you need is a mat. We can improvise the rest!

With QFit you will:

▪️ Get a great sweat
▪️ Improve your mobility
▪️ Increase your flexibility
▪️ Feel stronger
▪️ Stay physically active
▪️ Be a part of the amazing QFit Crew — a supportive, motivated, and inspiring community

Strength Training, Interval Training & Yoga



I will regularly add replays of live workouts and workout tutorials. Not only will you have a set of exercises, but you will often have me motivating and doing the entire workout WITH you.

QFit is not one of those workout programs where a coach appears prim and proper throughout the workout or just sits there telling you what to do. I am in the arena with you! I might start out looking presentable, but by the end of the workout, I am often drenched in a puddle of sweat, just like YOU! With QFit you can enjoy a challenging and rewarding workout and sweat without all of the judgment and impossible standards.


As you continue your membership, you will gain access to more workouts over time. As many of the workouts will challenge your body, I recommend repeating them over the course of a week to develop the awareness, control, and proper form for the movements.

You're always welcome to mix and match your workouts as well. This membership gives you the freedom to workout as often as you like and adjust your workouts to match your fitness goals.


Even though there may be occasional cursing under my breath, I genuinely appreciate the time, thought and energy you put into preparing each class. And inevitably afterwards I am strengthened, centered, grateful and ready for whatever lies ahead.

<p>Catalina</p>, <p></p>


Magna keeps people motivated and in shape with her innovative online workouts. Focusing  on strength, core, balance, stretching, and endurance with a yoga flair, her functional workouts are a step above any online program. What you will get is something easy to follow that you can do at home and with solid instruction. Best of all, Magna does the work out with you. Keep up! 

<p>Duane</p>, <p></p>


Magna’s steely yet infectious determination to give each circuit, tabata and asana her very best shot, and work with you so you can do the same, in a safe, inclusive and reassuring setting. Never boring, and often wildly entertaining, with a whole host of fantastical QFit exercise creatures ready to make you focus, sweat and giggle.

<p>Catherine</p>, <p></p>



With your QFIT Membership you will have access to new workout tutorials, tips, and full workout replays. If I go live, you'll have the option of joining that too!

If you would like the full experience, sign up for the COMBO Membership, and get access to an expanding database of dance tutorials, courses, and live class replays focusing on everything including technical breakdowns, tips for proper execution, mindset training, and how to develop a solid connection with your partner.

Get ready to Think, Feel, and Be Mpowered!