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Magna’s classes are unparalleled in the quality, the content and the delivery that captivates all the students, both beginner and advanced.

<p>Christine</p>, <p></p>


Everything was pretty unique and imaginative. It was very detailed every step of the way. No chance of getting lost. I liked that I learned to use my imagination and use my body rather than learning a couple of steps. She's super dynamic, with a happy spirit.

<p>Alejandro</p>, <p></p>


Her workshops are phenomenal - she is extremely intelligent and has thoroughly thought about many of the concepts in dance that dancers take for granted.

<p>Georgia</p>, <p></p>



Even though there may be occasional cursing under my breath, I genuinely appreciate the time, thought and energy you put into preparing each class. And inevitably afterwards I am strengthened, centered, grateful and ready for whatever lies ahead.

<p>Catalina</p>, <p></p>


Magna keeps people motivated and in shape with her innovative online workouts. Focusing  on strength, core, balance, stretching, and endurance with a yoga flair, her functional workouts are a step above any online program. What you will get is something easy to follow that you can do at home and with solid instruction. Best of all, Magna does the work out with you. Keep up! 

<p>Duane</p>, <p></p>


Magna’s steely yet infectious determination to give each circuit, tabata and asana her very best shot, and work with you so you can do the same, in a safe, inclusive and reassuring setting. Never boring, and often wildly entertaining, with a whole host of fantastical QFit exercise creatures ready to make you focus, sweat and giggle.

<p>Catherine</p>, <p></p>