I have had the great fortune of taking my passion for Salsa dancing and transforming it into a 21-year career that has taken me across the world and given me numerous opportunities to perform, teach, dance, and make profound connections with people from all walks of life.

However, this dance has revealed SO much more to me about how to express myself authentically, how to connect with the music, how to relate with another human being, and ultimately, how to deepen my self-awareness and maximize my growth, on AND off the dance floor. 

ALL OF THIS KNOWLEDGE is what I will be sharing with you through this platform!

Improve Your Awareness, Technique, Execution & Mindset



By becoming a member, you will get regular tutorials and live class replays that you can watch and learn from at your own pace. Further, you can post comments and let me know what you want to learn, request deeper breakdowns of technique, and much more. This way, we can continue our growth together. 

I cannot wait to share all of the knowledge and skills I have gained over the years with you.


Magna’s classes are unparalleled in the quality, the content and the delivery that captivates all the students, both beginner and advanced.

<p>Christine</p>, <p></p>


Everything was pretty unique and imaginative. It was very detailed every step of the way. No chance of getting lost. I liked that I learned to use my imagination and use my body rather than learning a couple of steps. She's super dynamic, with a happy spirit.

<p>Alejandro</p>, <p></p>


Her workshops are phenomenal - she is extremely intelligent and has thoroughly thought about many of the concepts in dance that dancers take for granted.

<p>Georgia</p>, <p></p>



With your DANCE Membership you will have access to tutorials, tips, courses, and full live class replays. These videos will cover a wide range of topics designed to make you a complete dancer not only in technique and execution, but also in mentality and how you connect with people in general.

For JUST $5 more per month, you can have the full experience, with the Yearly Combo Membership where you also get access to my QFit workout replays and tutorials that are designed to increase your awareness, strength and flexibility as a dancer.

These are functional workouts and exercises that I use to train my body to keep up with my passion and my creativity in dance, and how I incorporate fitness into my daily life.

We often assume that dance is enough of a fitness regimen, but the truth is that dance favors certain muscle groups over others, due to repeated movements. A complementary fitness routine maintains balance in the body and makes it easier to execute your dance moves.

Get ready to Think, Feel, and Be Mpowered!